Before I Go to Sleep


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 62889


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Nicole Kidman as Christine
Colin Firth as Mike
Mark Strong as Dr. Nasch
Anne-Marie Duff as Claire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ktbee-85653 1 / 10

Total Trash

I saw no other reviewer here have the issues I did with this film. It was total trash. How can anyone condone such brutality towards women--or anyone! Absolutely unnecessary to put such horrible scenes in a movie. Isn't there enough of this evil in real life? It was nauseating and I had to walk away from it. I used to like Nicole Kidman, but I am afraid I have lost respect for her to have done such a horrible script. Shame on her.

Reviewed by nhoiyee 4 / 10

Ok to watch for free, far from great.

I saw this film without knowing the plot because I like Mark Strong, so I gave it a try. It started out ok for the first 30 minutes, then I started to skip to the scenes with Mark Strong in them as I was rapidly losing interest. The plot has too many holes to be believable or make any sense at all.

How could Mike be able to take over the identity of another man Ben, for 4 years and not even one person suspect anything? The school that he was teaching at, all the staff and students had no problem seeing a different man with the same name? What about friends or relatives? How did they live in isolation for 4 years? Christine (Nicole Kidman) comes off more as whiny and self-pitying and no wonder Mike beat her and always got away with it. Is it so easy to forge documents to cheat the hospital into releasing a patient to live with a complete stranger and how did Mike manage to get hold of the son's birth certificate? Could that be easily forged as well? At the cafe, Dr Nasch said he'd pass her case to another neurologist as it'd be unethical and unprofessional to continue with the treatment yet he was sitting beside her hospital bed in the end. And how had Dr Nesch managed to call Christine every morning at the time so happened when Mike was out, to tell her about the camera? How did he know where she'd put the camera? Had he been in the house? And if he'd been in the house, he didn't suspect she was living with a total stranger? Why not used a voice recorder as to repeat the same thing to the same person everyday might get a little annoying? You mean he'd been doing this for 7 days a week for 4 years, and he still didn't suspect that she'd be living with a stranger, and Mike never suspected anything as well? Wouldn't Mike do something about the doctor if he was so bent on keeping his identity a secret? Wouldn't a doctor who was treating her for 4 years at least know what her husband look like and know she'd been living with a total stranger, and tried to warn her? The end, Christine's amnesia was not cured? So how'd the real Ben and son Adam showing up mean anything because she'd just forget them the next day? And after everything, she'd believe the man standing in front of her was the real Ben and not some other imposter? And it was Dr Nesch who called the real Ben? So he must have known the real Ben and there again, he didn't suspect she was living with a stranger for 4 years? And he'd be calling the wrong house all along because the real Ben was living with the son somewhere else? And the real Ben had supposedly dumped Christine in some sort of home, and Christine felt ok about it as she felt nothing when she saw him again? We go back to square one and nothing is improved or happened since the beginning.

Colin Firth is wrongly cast because he's not convincing to play an abusive husband, his expression is blank and serious at most but not intimidating. I think it'd have worked better if he was the doctor and Mark Strong was the abusive lover instead. Christine is a mediocre character with no personality whatsoever and didn't evoke any sympathy or support. I half-hope Mike just beat her to death and be done with it, so sick to look at the plastic skin and bad hair that just made her look more like a creepy stalker.

I'm sure all the actors try their best so I didn't fast-forward through the whole film much, and managed to watch the ending without skipping. Thank God I didn't pay to see it.

Reviewed by Mohamed Abdalla 6 / 10

The dark sad version of Groundhog Day.

Amnesia can be a blessing in such a life of "Nicole Kidman". The woman who got hit,cheated on,kidnapped, and deprived from her son.

The movie starts with a scene of Nicole's eyes, and yes it's a beautiful scene to start a movie with. Then we move to know that she has amnesia and living with her husband, after-that the events continue while she is trying to remember and solve the mystery behind her amnesia.

The movie has really beautiful shots of different places, and the cinematographer did a great job of showing the beauty of symmetry in addition to the using of slow side to side movement of the camera which really resemble the nature of that kind of movies.

There are not much people to suspect in that movie, so the finale is quiet expected but the director has a good twisted end for you.

Finally, it's a good drama/mystery movie with thrill added in a perfect amount, you will enjoy it if you are looking for a small adrenaline rush.

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