Long Weekend


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 3208


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ulyssesgammahose 8 / 10

Gripping horror-thriller

Absolutely perfect mix of low-key realism and expressionistic horror. I'd liken it to Straw Dogs, The Birds and Rosemary's Baby. It's more a psychological thriller than a straight-up animals attacking human film, but the savagery of the natural world is never far away.

No special effects, very little music, just a young couple whose marriage unravels on an isolated beach, and at the same time nasty events happen which suggests nature isn't happy with them....it's all done in a believable way so the animal attacks may just be co-incidence. Very atmospheric, perfectly paced and great building of tension - reaching a real sense of dread in the last half hour.

Reviewed by Richard Dominguez 7 / 10

Not Bad At All, If You See It The Way I Do

* Warning Spoiler Alert * ... This Movie Is Listed (Genre) As Horror, Mystery, Thriller ... Thriller Maybe But I Didn't See Any Elements Of Horror Or Mystery ... I Did Like This Movie ... I Thought It Was Paced Well And The Story (Although I Am Sure I Saw It Differently) As I Saw It Was Interesting ... A City (NYC) Couple Going Through A Rough Patch In Their Relationship Decide To Go To The Country To Repair The Relationship (After All 2 Modern Day City Slickers Can Handle Nature) But Mother Nature Has Other Ideas ... I Don't See This Movie As "Mother Nature" Strikes Back (Ala The Happening) ... I See It More As 2 City Folk Go To The Country Not Knowing What To Expect Or How To Deal With It And As A Result Mother Nature Puts A Whopping On Them Big Time ... Colin Eggleston's Direction Was Good ... Acting Was Also Good But It Was Simplistic Since Nothing About The Plot Was Complicated ... The Scenery Was Spooky At Times And Beautiful At Others Which Fit The Setting Nicely ... All In All A Good Movie ...

Reviewed by begob 6 / 10

No Picnic

A tense couple take a break in the wilderness after their relationship is exposed, and find nature red in tooth and claw - but whose nature?

Couple of big themes going on here - mother and child + estrangement from nature, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. The story is well paced, and all the creatures are nasty and exotic, but the central relationship in what is essentially a two-hander just didn't interest me.

The actors are fine, but the dialogue has no charm and it's hard to imagine the characters ever having enjoyed each other's company. So basically we have to spend 100 minutes with a pair of unlikable people - especially the husband, who presents immediately as a dickhead - without a hint of humour.

All the '70s influences, from twangly semi-tone music to pollution outrage. The dugong was creepy, until it heaved itself all the way in - a moment of bathos. And the wind-screen smash was an eye-roller as well.

Overall, needed a better script but directed and performed fairly well.

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