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Kristen Bell as Mattie
Ian Somerhalder as Dexter
Christina Milian as Isabelle Fuentes
Brad Dourif as Thin Bookish Guy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tyger97 6 / 10

Not so horrible for a Saturday afternoon

We went to see PULSE yesterday afternoon (got to the theater too late for DESCENT). I have not seen the original KAIRO for comparison. So, it's not the worst movie I've ever seen, and not the best. Yes, it was slow to start and get to the point. But IMO it had a creepy, dark atmosphere (god, if I lived there I'd want to commit suicide in any case), the visuals weren't bad, and it had a few good scares. Unfortunately, it also depended on VOLUME to enhance the scare. If you're more of a gore fan, then it's probably not the movie for you. The movie may not be worth the price of a ticket, but I think it's worth a rental. Eh, I'm just your average moviegoer and don't watch movies to analyze them to death. I even liked The Grudge. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Reviewed by PaulLashmet 8 / 10

Commentary from a former Japan resident

For what its worth, I enjoyed this movie. I tend to rent all B-movie DVD's from my local Blockbuster (big plug for the movie pass). Despite what many of the folks have posted on this site, I can tell you that I have seen The Grudge, The Ring, The Darkness, and many other Japanese remakes. I also have lived in Japan for many years and (as much as westerners can), I claim an understanding of their film-making. I thought that this movie was well done, but I cannot in good faith recommend any other remakes. Unfortunately, there is generally an element lost in translation. Luckilly, IMO, Pulse does not lose that and manages to keep its Japanese nature very well intact in its U.S. translation. Kudos to the producers.

Reviewed by florin-mircea 7 / 10

Not as bad as you might think

I've seen the trailer for this movie some time ago, and I decided to watch it. It's one of those horror movies with eerie sets and shots. They chose Bucharest, Romania as a main location, so I found familiar places in it. The campus featured in the film is the one from "Politehnica" University.

The movie itself is well written and has a coherent plot. Of course, there are times when you can predict the next turn of events. But this does not happen very often.

The special effects are OK, not dated or something. They integrate very well in the unfolding of the plot. The soundtrack is also good, many low frequency noises, kind of electric ones (reminds me of "The Ring").

For a remake of a J horror movie, this one does a pretty good job. Worth watching if you have a couple of hours to spare.

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